Dragonfly Catering and Events

Specialised Catering and Event Services to The Katherine Regional and Beyond

Our Canapés service and pricing is based on small portions suitable for pre-meal functions, if you wish to serve canapés as a meal further charges will occur. Please call Tegan to discuss further.
Pulled Pork Brioche Bun
Maple glazed pulled pork layered on a toasted brioche bun with zesty lime coleslaw

Smoked Salmon Spoons
with Orange Cure (GF)
Orange cured flaked salmon laid of a bed of salad greens finished with lemon aioli

Sweet Potato Disks with Avocado(GF)
Roasted sweet potato rounds topped with avocado smashed with Bulgarian fetta. Can be adjusted for Vegan guests

Sweet Potato Disks with
blue cheese and walnuts(GF)
Roasted sweet potato rounds topped with creamy blue cheese & walnuts

Potato Cake topped with Caviar
Lightly spiced potato cakes topped with crème fraiche and lumpfish caviar….a show stopper for you next formal event Can be adjusted for gluten free guests

Little Prawn Cocktail Plates (GF)
Australian king prawns shelled, on a bed of lettuce topped with a traditional cocktail sauce

Onion & Goat’s Cheese Tart (V)
Short crust pastry started filled with caramelised red onion and goat’s cheese finished with a touch of lemon

Rice Paper Rolls (GF)
Rice paper rolls stuffed with cucumber, pickled carrot, coriander, rice noodles and mint served with sticky sweet Thai sauce
Tofu (Vegan)

Pumpkin Arancini stuffed with mozzarella (V)
Pumpkin risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella then lightly fried. Can be adjusted for gluten free & vegan guests

Roasted Corn & Jalapeno Arancini
Roasted corn and jalapeno risotto balls stuffed with sharp cheddar then lightly fried. Can be adjusted for gluten free & vegan guests

Semi Dried Tomato and Basil Arancini (V)
Semi dried tomato and fresh basil risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella then lightly fried. Can be adjusted for gluten free & vegan guests

Mini Dips with Crudité (V)
Trio of dips individually served with carrot and celery crudité. Can be adjusted gluten free and vegan

Mini Quiche (V)
Little short crust pastry quiches, filled with a variety of flavours. Everyone’s favourite

Duck Salad Spoons (GF)

Pan seared duck breast mixed with coriander, mint, cucumber, finished with a Thai salad dressing, very refreshing!


Focaccia Mini Pizzas

Focaccia Squares topped with all the gourmet pizza favourites, roast capsicum, prosciutto, salami, roast chicken, pumpkin, spinach, salmon….too many to list! Can be adjusted for Vegetarian guests.


Tandoori Chicken Burgers

Mini burgers with tandoori spiced chicken patties, yoghurt dressing, and lettuce


 Spicy Buffalo Wings

Crispy wings marinated in hot sauce, floured and fried served with ranch dressing


Strawberry & Balsamic Bruschetta

Bursting with flavour strawberry and balsamic bruschetta mix lathered onto goat’s cheese spread


Smoked Salmon Crostini

House baked crostini topped with crème fraiche, salmon and caviar


Roast Pumpkin & Fetta Tart

Short crust pastry started filled with roasted pumpkin, spinach and creamy Bulgarian fetta cheese


Looking for a selection to keep the guys happy….here they are!

Mini Beef Sliders

Mini burgers with our own spiced beef patty, tomato chutney, lettuce, tomato and tasty cheese


Mini Beef Wellingtons

Buttery puff pastry filled with a slither of eye fillet steak, duxel and pate then oven baked. Very tasty.


Dragonfly Beef Sausage Rolls

Our very own homemade sausage rolls served with tomato and BBQ sauce….an absolute favourite with our regulars. Can be adjusted for gluten free guests


Petite Chimichanga

Mexican spiced pulled chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla with fresh salsa, tasty cheese and sour cream. Oven baked.


Portuguese Chicken Skewers (GF)

Bursting with Portuguese inspired flavours served with coriander yoghurt dressing.


Honey and Soy Mini Wings (GF)

Oven baked chicken wings in a honey, soya, garlic and chilli


Middle Eastern Chicken Skewers (GF)     

Middle Eastern spices matched with creamy yoghurt, layered onto chicken skewers and oven baked.

Korean Chicken Wings

Spicy Korean inspired chicken wings oven baked….easy crowd pleaser


The VIP Selection

Want a selection of canapés with all the special ingredients for the VIP’s in your life?

Here they are….


Mini Lamb Wellingtons

Buttery puff pastry filled with a slither of lamb fillet, wilted spinach and caramelised onions


Marinated Prawn Skewers

Australian King prawns marinated in Thai spices, grilled and served with dipping sauce on a bed of cous cous


Tempura Battered Prawns

Australian King Prawns dipped in light tempura batter and lightly fried. Served with garlic aioli and wasabi aioli


Rosemary Lamb Cutlets (GF)

Grilled lamb cutlets encrusted with rosemary infused sea salt and served with homemade tomato chutney dipping sauce


Crumbed Lamb Cutlets

Panko crumb seasoned lamb cutlets served with homemade tomato chutney dipping sauce


Lobster Tail Brioche

Seasonal. Lobster tail pan seared in garlic butter topped onto a brioche bun lathered with creamy lemon aioli


Cumin & Lemon Lamb Cutlets (GF)

French trimmed lamb cutlets marinated in fresh lemon, cumin and Greek yoghurt accompanied by cumin yoghurt dressing.


Pan Seared Scallops with Pea Puree (GF)

Scallops seared in butter laid on a bed of pea puree and topped with crispy pancetta


Lobster Tail Salad Spoons (GF)

Lobster tail tossed with fresh mint, touch of coriander, fresh chilli and creamy avocado. Mild and tasty.


Lime Scallop Ceviche Pots (GF)

Australian Scallops cold cooked ceviche style in fresh lime juice, laid on a bed of avocado puree and topped with caviar


Stuffed Salmon Cucumbers (GF)

Cucumbers stuffed with flaked smoked salmon, crème fraiche and topped with caviar


Please note we charge an extra 10 to 15% for catering work carried out on Sundays and Public Holidays