Dragonfly Catering and Events

Specialised Catering and Event Services to The Katherine Regional and Beyond

Chicken and Vegetable Sausage Rolls *

Chicken mince, spices, loaded with vegetables wrapped in puff pastry served with sauces


Warm Greek Lamb Wraps

Spiced Greek lamb wrapped in pita with lettuce, tomato and garlic yoghurt dressing


DIY Sandwich and Roll Platter *

Selection of sliced house cooked deli

meats, accompanied by a sliced cheese & salad Platter served with fresh bread, rolls & condiments in for guests to create their own style of sandwiches & Rolls.

Fresh and tasty!

The complete lunch set up!


Italian Beef Meat Balls! *

Juicy seasoned beef meat balls pan seared, finished in a rich Italian tomato sauce served on penne pasta

Selection of Fresh Turkish Rolls and Wraps *

Variety of wraps & Turkish style rolls, stuffed with ham, chicken, egg, beef & turkey finished with a range spreads and salad items


Chicken and Zucchini Lasagna *

Chicken pieces in a garlic cream sauce layered with lasagna sheets and slithers of zucchini.


Toasted Focaccia

Various fillings of ham, chicken, beef, turkey, brie, mozzarella, spinach, semi dried tomatoes, olives, asparagus or tomato, then oven baked.


 Italian Beef Lasagna *

Rich tomato beef bolognaise sauce layered with whole egg pasta and creamy béchamel sauce


Chicken and Fetta Parcels *

Shredded chicken mixed with sautéed spinach and feta cheese, wrapped in buttery puff pastry.

Greek Lamb and Fetta Parcels *

Spiced lamb mince mixed with sautéed spinach and fetta cheese, wrapped in buttery puff pastry


Chicken Spinach and Feta Cannelloni

Chicken sautéed spinach & fetta, rolled in pasta topped with creamy three cheese sauce



Tea and Coffee

A large selection of herbal tea, coffee bags and instant coffees and accompaniments 

Selection of Individual Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta served in ice bath.

Other varieties available upon request

Tropical Punch

Fresh fruit (seasonal varieties) mixed with tropical juice and sparkling water or lemonade.

Selection of Juices

Dispenser Orange, Apple and Pineapple.

Other varieties available upon request    

Water Dispenser with Iced Water
Comes with plastic cups, glassware available with additional charge

Bottled Water

Individual served in ice bath

Oven Baked Chicken with Potatoes (GF)

Chicken & baby potatoes tossed in oregano, rosemary, wine, fresh basil & cherry tomatoes


Spinach, Ricotta and Pumpkin Cannelloni *

Sautéed spinach & roasted pumpkin mixed with ricotta stuffed into cannelloni & topped with a cream sauce

Sausage Rolls *

Our very own home-made sausage rolls served with tomato and barbeque sauce


Rice Paper Rolls (GF)

Rice paper rolls stuffed with cucumber, pickled carrot, coriander, mint, rice noodles served with

sticky sweet Thai dipping sauce



Tofu (Vegan)




 Portuguese Chicken Skewers (GF)

Bursting with Portuguese inspired flavours served with coriander yoghurt dressing.


Honey and Soy Mini Wings (GF)

Oven baked chicken wings in a honey, soya, garlic and chili


Middle Eastern Chicken Skewers (GF)     

Middle Eastern spices matched with creamy yoghurt marinade, grilled.


Korean Spicy Chicken Wings (GF)

Spicy Korean inspired chicken wings oven baked….easy crowd pleaser


Mini Beef Sliders

Mini burgers with our own spiced beef patty, tomato chutney, lettuce, tomato and tasty cheese


Spicy Buffalo Wings

Crispy wings marinated in hot sauce, floured and fried served with ranch dressing


Spring Vegetable Lasagna *

Zucchini, carrot and eggplant ribbons layered with broccolini, pasta sheets, Italian tomato sauce and creamy béchamel


Butter Chicken (GF)

Marinated chicken in a yogurt and spice mixture finished with a buttery sauce. Served with rice


Beef Bombay Curry (GF)

Slow cooked and soaked in spices, finished with coconut milk and tomato sauce… (Spicy. Medium Heat) Served with Rice


Chicken tikka Masala (GF)

Marinated in Bangladeshi spices overnight, then finished with a tomato and cream sauce. So tender and YUM!  Served with rice


Potato and Pea Curry (GF) (V)

Dry curry dish, so good that the meat eaters will love it too! Spicy potatoes, tossed with onions, garlic and peas. Served with Rice


Chicken Caesar Plate *

Oven roasted chicken slices laid on a bed of cos lettuce topped with bacon, boiled egg, parmesan cheese and drizzled with classic Caesar dressing, served with a side of anchovies


Chicken and Soba Noodle Salad Plate

Oven roasted chicken slices tossed in sticky sweet soya, soba noodles, cucumber, tomato, coriander and finished with sprinkles of black sesame seeds.


Thai Beef Salad Plate (GF)

Fillet steak, pan seared, sliced and chilled served on a bed of rice noodles, cherry tomatoes, mint, cucumber, Thai dressing and finished with roasted peanuts

Warm Quinoa and Haloumi Salad (GF)

Fluffy quinoa tossed with pan seared onion, tomato and capsicum finished with lemon dressing and topped with charred haloumi cheese


Creamy Chicken and Pecan Salad (GF)

Oven roasted chicken pieces tossed with zesty Greek yoghurt dressing, grapes, and toasted pecans laid on a bed of butter lettuce.


Beef Kofta Curry *

Indian beef spicy meatballs then cooked in a smooth, spicy sauce to make a tasty and satisfying hot meal. Served with Rice


Lamb Kofta Curry *

Kofta means meatballs! Indian style lamb meatballs are cooked in a smooth, spicy sauce. Served with Rice


Chicken Carbonara Bake

Oven baked chicken pieces mixed with sautéed onion, rasher bacon finished with a garlic cream sauce topped with mozzarella cheese


Tuna Bake *

Flaked tuna tossed mixed with sautéed onion, vegetables, finished with a garlic cream sauce, penne pasta and topped with mozzarella cheese


Too Many


No problem.

Ask for the Chef’s choice and leave the planning to us. We will ensure your guests receive a selection suitable for your group.


(*) Menu items which can be adjusted to be made Gluten free

Side Salad Options

Home-style Potato Salad (GF)

Creamy potatoes with bacon, spices and mayonnaise


Coleslaw (GF)

Shredded cabbage tossed with mayonnaise and carrot


Greek Salad (GF) *

Fetta, olives, tomato, cucumber, and onion finished with a yoghurt dressing laid on a bed of lettuce


Caesar Salad

Cos lettuce, crispy bacon, croutons, egg with Caesar dressing and anchovies on the side


Spicy Chickpea and Greens Salad (GF)(V)

Sautéed spiced chick peas on a bed of lettuce with a light vinaigrette dressing


Garden Salad (GF)(V)

Tomato, cucumber, Spanish onion and carrot mixed with mesclun lettuce


Pumpkin & Pine nut Salad (GF)(V)

Roasted Pumpkin, roasted pine nuts served on a bed of lettuce with a balsamic dressing


Celery and Apple Slaw (GF) *

Shredded celery and apple slices served with lemon dressing


Tabbouleh with a twist (GF)(V)

Broccoli tabbouleh with chick peas, loads of herbs, feta and pomegranate molasses!


 Panzella *

Salad Greens, capsicum, croutons, red onion, and basil drizzled with red wine vinegar


Pasta Salad*

Penne pasta tossed with a creamy dressing, shredded carrot, corn and spring onion


Bean Salad (GF) (V)

Mixture of beans mixed with capsicum, fresh tomato, celery and parsley finished with a vinaigrette


Coleslaw with Walnuts (GF) (V)

 A twist on the original, cabbage mixed with carrot, toasted walnuts and finished with a vinaigrette


Roasted Pumpkin, Carrot and Maple Salad (GF) (V)

Pumpkin and carrot roasted in maple syrup mixed with salad greens and finished with maple dressing


Haloumi and Chorizo Salad

Pan fried Haloumi and Chorizo seasoned with fresh lemon juice laid on a bed of salad greens


Orange, Pumpkin and Fetta Salad (GF)

Fresh orange segments mixed with roasted pumpkin, fetta on salad greens


Beetroot and Fetta Salad (seasonal) (GF) *

Roasted beetroot, crumbled fetta with salad greens drizzled

with olive oil