Dragonfly Catering and Events

Specialised Catering and Event Services to The Katherine Regional and Beyond

Selection of Stuffed Savory Croissants

Butter croissants stuffed with a combination of ham, cheese, tomato, brie, chicken, olives, roasted capsicum, spinach and tasty cheese. Oven baked


Fruit Salad and Yoghurt Cups (GF)

Mixed seasonal fruit topped with natural yoghurt and honey


Quinoa &Peanut Butter Bars (V)(GF)

Superfood quinoa soaked in honey and finished with peanut butter and chai seed. Gluten and Dairy Free


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter (V)(GF)

Seasonal fruit such as watermelon, rockmelon, pineapple, grapes & kiwi fruit, beautifully presented for your guests


Blueberry & Chai Seed Pudding (V)(GF)

Chai seeds soaked in coconut milk layered with blueberry coulis.

Selection of Sweet Muffins *

Variety of flavors: choc chip, blueberry & vanilla, banana & honey, apple & cinnamon, etc.


Selection of Mini Danish Pastries

Apple strudel, chocolate scrolls, chocolate croissants, custard pastry, sultana scrolls


Greek Spinach Pastries

Wilted Spinach, butter, garlic and creamy feta cheese wrapped in puff pastry


Dips and Crudité (GF)

Trio of dips (all house made) served with crudité of carrot, celery & cherry tomatoes


Bacon, Egg and Feta Tarts

Short crust pastry tarts filled with crumbly feta cheese, bacon and topped with egg


Selection of Mini Quiches

Little quiches filled with a variety of flavours – everyone’s favourite

Scones served with condiments

Everyone’s favourite! Served with a selection of jams and freshly whipped cream


Banana Bread *

 Rich and moist banana bread sliced and served with honey and butter…everyone’s favorite!


Gourmet Cheese Platter with Crackers *

A selection of gourmet cheeses served with fruit pastes and a selection of crackers


Sausage Rolls

Our very own house made sausage rolls – cut for a morning tea time serving.


Small Wraps and Turkish Platter *

Variety of wraps and Turkish rolls, stuffed with ham, chicken, beef or turkey finished with spreads & salads

Selection of Cakes Platter *

Trio of cakes. Too many varieties to count! Carrot, Chocolate, Banana and Caramel, Red Velvet


Bliss Balls (V)(GF)

Cashews ground with maple syrup and lemon zest, rolled in coconut. YUM!


Surprise Chocolate Balls

Chocolate ripple balls stuffed with maltesers and rolled in shredded coconut


Ricotta and Prosciutto Squares

Puff pastry square tarts topped with fresh ricotta, prosciutto, spinach and a cherry tomato…very tasty


Tim Tam and Milo Fudge

These babies will keep the troops going! Delicious little sugar hit, and as Aussie as it gets, traditional Tim Tams and milo in a chocolate fudge!


Too many choices??

No problem.

Ask for the Chef’s choice and leave the planning to us. We will ensure your guests receive a selection suitable for your group.


Please ensure to inform,

Dragonfly Catering Staff


of dietary requirements.

Selection of gluten free, celiac meals, dairy intolerant and vegan meals are available

Selection House Made Cookies *

Yummy buttery cookies, a selection of choc chip, peanut butter & macadamia & white choc


Sweet Potato, Spinach and Feta Sausage

Roasted sweet potato, spices, sautéed spinach rolled in buttery puff pastry. YUM! Can be adjusted for Vegan Guests.


Lemon Cheesecake Mousse Cups

Moorish little cups filled with biscuit base topped with lemon cheesecake mousse


Nutella Mousse Cups

Yum! Nutella mousse served in individual cups topped with chocolate shards.

(*) Menu items which can be adjusted to be made Gluten free

Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free Meals may incur further charges

Beverage Options

Tea and Coffee

A large selection of herbal tea, coffee bags and instant coffees and accompaniments


Selection of Individual Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta served in ice bath.

Other varieties available upon request


Tropical Punch

Fresh fruit (seasonal varieties) mixed with tropical juice and sparkling water or lemonade.


Selection of Juices

Dispenser Orange, Apple and Pineapple.

Other varieties available upon request    


Dispenser with Iced Water


Bottled Water 

Individual served in ice bath