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Corporate long lunch

The Long Lunch Menu

This is the menu to satisfy the deep growl of lunch hunger! Comfort food to keep even the biggest eater satisfied. We recommend two options plus side to keep your group fed and content! There is a minimum of 10 serves per menu item.

DIY Sandwich and Roll Platter

(Vegan and Gluten Free Option Available)

No need for a further menu item, this dish will serve your guests nicely!

Selection of sliced house cooked deli meats, accompanied by a sliced cheese & salad Platter served with fresh bread, rolls & condiments in for guests to create their own style of sandwiches & Rolls.

Fresh and tasty! The complete lunch set up!

Italian Beef Lasagna (Gluten Free Option Available)

Rich tomato beef bolognaise sauce layered with whole egg pasta and creamy béchamel sauce

Mediterranean Vegetable Bake

Melody of seasonal vegetables slow roasted with spices and chickpeas topped with grilled haloumi. So good even the carnivores will love it.

Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake

Roasted chicken pieces sauteed with onions, spiced and bacon. Finished with a cream sauce and penne pasta.

Butter Chicken (GF)

Marinated chicken in a yogurt and spice mixture finished with a buttery sauce. Served with jasmine rice

Roasted Vegetables & Chickpea Curry (GF)(V)

Roasted carrot, zucchini, and sweet potato with Korma sauce and roasted chickpeas. Served with Rice.

Green Thai Chicken Curry (GF)(DF)

Thai green paste tossed with tasty chicken thigh finished with sweet potatoes, vegetables, and coconut milk. Served with steamed rice.

Beef Massaman (GF)(DF)

Slow cooked beef pieces soaked in massaman curry paste finished with seasonal vegetables and coconut milk. Served with steamed rice

Country Style Chicken Casserole

Pan seared chicken thigh with a delicious cream, garlic and lemon sauce finished with a fresh vegetable melody, fresh and filling!

Cajun Style Chicken (GF)

Oven baked Cajun marinated chicken thigh pieces. Real Cajun zing will keep your team coming back for more.

Fish Saganaki (GF)

Seasonal fish fillet with roasted capsicum, spices and crushed tomatoes finished with fetta cheese. Super healthy and a hearty meal.

Mac & Cheese

Do we need to say more! A definite crowd pleaser.

BBQ Style Marinated Beef Ribs

Beef Ribs – a super favourite for the K-Town crew. Marinated in our BBQ Maple glaze, served with steamed rice

Country Style Peppered Beef Stew

Slow cooked beef pieces tossed with fresh vegetable melody and finished with a rich gravy.

Baked Fish with Rocket Pesto (GF) (DF)

Baked seasonal fish fillets topped with rocket pesto and roasted cherry tomatoes. Great light dish for those warmer days.

Served with steamed rice

Spiced Roast Potatoes (GF)(DF)(V)

Roast potato wedges spiced with Moroccan style flavours

Creamy Potato Gratin

Potato slices layered with onion, bacon, and seasoning. Topped with cream and finished with tasty cheese.

Roast Seasoned Pumpkin Pieces (GF)(DF)(V)

Cauliflower and Broccoli Gratin (V)

Cauliflower and broccoli florets topped with creamy bechamel sauce and topped with tasty cheese

Bread Rolls with Butter (V)

Fresh bread rolls served with portion control butter. Gluten Free option available upon request

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