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Goan Prawn Curry with Coconut

Goan Prawn Curry with Coconut is a spicy, sour curry that comes from Goa and is also called Ambot Tik. Truly satisfying meal, made with Aussie prawns and packed with flavour

Butter Chicken Mild

Marinated chicken in a yogurt and spice mixture finished with a buttery sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala Mild

Marinated in Bangladeshi spices overnight, then finished with a tomato and cream sauce

Rogan Josh Mild

Melt in your mouth lamb pieces, spiced with fennel seeds, turmeric, garlic & amazing aromatic spices. Everyone's favourite dish!

Goat Tandoori Mild

This is for the spice lovers, tender pieces of goat with garlic, cumin, coriander, cardamom and a further array of aromatic spices

Lamb Dhansak Mild

Mild, sweet, and rich with just enough heat to satisfy most pallets. Indian style curry made from lamb, lentils and flavoured with spices including cumin and ginger

Sri Lankan Lamb Curry

Medium heat curry, but still packed with flavour. Slow cooked lamb with fenugreek and cardamom this dish is a hit with everyone

Chicken Korma Mild

A mix of spices yoghurt and butter give this chicken curry its mouth-watering creaminess

Beef Kofta Curry Medium

Kofta means meatballs, these yummy beef meatballs are cooked in a smooth, spicy sauce to make a warming supper

Mango Chicken Curry

Made from local mangos, who wouldn’t love this dish. Mild spices, but still plenty of flavour.

Nadan Beef Curry

Authentic south Indian receipt, this normally calls for buffalo meat (we can do that too!) Simple yet amazing aromatic beef curry with a sauteed tomato base.

Kootu Sambar (Vegetables with Lentils) Mild

Packed with flavour and fresh vegetables, great on its own or part of a shared

Dhal Makhani

Make no excuses for how rich this delicious black dhal is – the buttery lentil dish is meant to be enjoyed as a comforting celebration dish…so let’s celebrate!

West Indian spiced Eggplant curry

Make the most of eggplant with this vegan curry. Low in fat yet packed with flavour, you can serve it with rice or roti ands it’s delish. Even the carnivores will love it

South Indian prawn curry

As well as being seriously tasty, it’s good for you, too! Aussie prawns with spinach, fresh grilled tomatoes, and plenty of south Indian spices.

Jaffna Chevon (Goat) Curry Medium

Spicy and robust flavoured Sri Lankan delicacy, goat marinated in spices, coconut milk and tomato




Naan Bread

Roast Garlic Naan



Saffron Rice

Plain Rice

Rice Pilaf

Lemon Rice

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