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Dessert Canapés

Pineapple, Mint and Lime Sorbet (Vegan & Low Gluten)
Fresh pineapple, mint and lime blended with their natural juices, frozen and whipped.


Sticky Date Pudding (Vegetarian)
Traditional sticky date pudding topped with butterscotch sauce.


Double Chocolate Cheesecake (Vegetarian)
Decedent chocolate base topped with chocolate mousse cheesecake. Finished with shaved chocolate.


Vanilla Panna Cotta (Low Gluten & Vegetarian)
Vanilla panna cotta, an Italian custard like dessert, beautiful and light. Served with a blueberry and vanilla bean jam


Chocolate and Rosewater Mousse Cups (Low Gluten & Vegetarian)
Traditional decadent chocolate mousse with a hint of rosewater served individually


Mini Mango Cheesecakes (Vegetarian)
Katherine grown mangoes in a rich cheesecake topped with mango slices


Individual Lemon Meringue Tarts (Vegetarian)
Single serve of a traditional dish. Serve these fluffy lemon meringue tarts with coffee or
tea after dinner - they will satisfy even the sweetest palate.


Pavlova Cups with a Raspberry Coulis (Low Gluten & Vegetarian)
Gooey traditional pavlova layered with whipped cream and a sticky raspberry coulis


Almond Flour Brownies(Low Gluten & Vegetarian)
Sweet, decadent, and ultra-fudgy, these almond flour brownies are sinfully delicious

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